Thrive Suite Guru is a Platform to Help Thrive Suite Users Find Expert Help to Create Incredible Websites. 

We LOVE Thrive Themes.  Since the early days of Thrive Page Builder the team at Thrive Themes have consistently produced incredible, conversion focused plugins, templates and instructional material. 

In 2020, with the release of Theme Builder and then integrations with Woocommerce and Advanced Custom Fields, it became possible to create almost any web project with Thrive Suite at its core.

But with so many API integrations and compatible plugins available, we all need a little help sometimes and while there is clearly a demand for it, Thrive Themes do not offer One-to One-training or web development.

That's why we decided to set up, a platform that matches Thrive users with world class Thrive Suite freelancers and we are now on the hunt for freelancers who are worthy of the title "Thrive Suite Guru"

Why Work With Us:

We aim to become the leading marketplace for Independent Thrive Suite Freelancers. To achieve this we want to ensure that our platform is driven by the very best freelancers working in a friendly but professional manner. 

We will only seek to add freelancers to the platform at the same rate that demand increases, ensuring along the way that we are renowned not for the quantity, but for the quality of our members. 

Dedicated to Thrive Suite 

Unlike other freelance marketplaces our platform is dedicated to Thrive Themes and its associated integrations 

Play to your Strengths 

Our categories and skill groups are set around the Thrive Suite set of tools, allowing you to target the thrive skills that you excel at.

Competitive Rates 

There is no cost of membership and our commission rates are set to compete with the big names in the industry

No Race to the Bottom

We are selective in choosing our freelancers based on demonstrated skills, so that projects can be won on merit, not price


We want you to succeed and will support you in any way we can, offering help if you get stuck and giving advice on how to optimise your pitches and profiles.  

Secure Payment 

We facilitate secure payments directly to you from your customers and you can organise milestone payments for big projects. 


There is already a strong community of Thrive Suite Users and we aim to be an extension of that community, encouraging networking and mutual support among our freelancers. 

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a disagreement between a freelancer and their client we offer dispute resolution to help reach a fair conclusion.

And if that's not enough...

There are plenty more features that we will roll out in the coming months..... 

Sell Your Services 

Sell off the peg services via our Thrive Guru Marketplace. From landing pages to Funnels, SEO to One to One Coaching

Sell your Courses

Sell your Thrive Suite related courses directly through out platform 


Apply for long term positions or contracts working with companies that rely upon Thrive Suite

Apply Now!

Apply now and show the world that you are a true Thrive Suite Guru!